making moving lights smart

These are exciting days at Stage-Eyes.

We are working on a prototype that has the ability to auto-track performers. A proof of concept video is currently being created.

It is a solid, compact and easy-to-use vision system, which can be set up in many different locations. This integrated system is primarily intended for stage lighting at studio's, concerts, theaters, dance performances etcetera, but use by DJ's or in disco's will also be supported.

The technologies we've developed will smarten up your fixtures and take your existing equipment to a whole new level. Lights, Lasers, Videoprojection and Camera's automatically follow the artists around and focus on their every move. It’s an innovation that will soon become available to you and put you ahead of the race!

We are in the last development stage from prototype to end product. For this we need your help. With your support we can make this new kid on the block the greatest. To finalize our efforts we will rely on crowdfunding.

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